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  • 7% of them did not factor in efficiency and practicality.
  • 16% of them got the right answer, but not sure about their reasoning.

Problem frame

What we are after and what we are NOT after?

A compass to navigate the landscape of accelerated inference


Imagining a principle-centric Machine Learning book

If you have been following the trend, one of the perennial questions that have been gaining momentum across the web is “How do I start or where do I start to learn ML ?” and people keep reasking the same question in different ways. Sounds like it’s not adequately answered yet. My diagnosis is that people are getting well-meaning answers without any concurrence on what is the best pedagogy or learning path yet. The reason behind this is that most recommended learning paths fall under a technique-centric or method-centric approach towards learning ML. I recommend taking a principle-centric approach.


Uncluttering the NLP predictive modeling scene

Image credit: https://www.um.edu.mt

The takeaway: 5 minutes from now you will become a pro,

  1. At building embeddings that learn cool representations from complex natural language datasets to build a DNN model.

NLP as a field is moving at warp speed. The upside of that and the intervention of neural models into NLP is, it has pushed the envelope in a lot of tasks but the downside is it has complicated the learning scene for the newcomers who are trying to break into the field. I feel obligated to bring some clarity by sharing the mental model I use to reason about…

The meta-skills that will help you excel in problem-solving

Knowledge (Image Source: unsplash.com)

I want to start by settling one thing right off the bat. Problem-solving is a learned skill, anyone can get good at it. We as a civilization have mastered many different techniques to hone in on our problem-solving skills. One simple drill is to practice solving problems. “Practice maketh a man perfect” right? Not so fast ! Practice drills work only when we are aiming to excel in solving problems pertaining to specific domains like say, Math. Also, practicing only burns your neural paths so rather than focussing on the process you just get good at something purely by virtue…

“OpenAI built a language model so good, it’s considered too dangerous to release” — Techcrunch

Image Source: Open AI’s GPT-2 (SoTA Language Model)

Let’s build a simple and powerful language model from scratch and use it for text generation.

If you are a Gmail user, by now you would have experienced the smart compose feature (may be even without knowing you are actually using it). It’s the new automatic sentence completion feature that takes email productivity to an exciting new level. It was released in Google I/O 2018. For the benefit of those who have not used smart compose we will start by contrasting it with the conventional predictive text and autocompletion features.


Are you an anxious student who is not sure about what career path to choose or Are you a professional with some solid real world experience waking up everyday “Why do I feel empty or Am I even living a fulfilled life ?’. If either of the above statements describe you, then according to clinical psychology you are most likely going through aquarter-life crisis’. While all the depressing resources in the web are focusing on how to get out of it, the few resources which seem to talk about how to avoid quarter life crisis are missing the fundamental…

UNFCCC’s climate neutral project: An attempt to make climate change an individual responsibility, How effective can this be?

But here are my qualms,

All the efforts that are taken to make ‘fight climate change’ as an individual responsibility should target wider citizens in a more inclusive, pragmatic and accelerated pace.

The big questions — will everyone be willing to spend…

Prithivi Da

NLP Reductionist | Author of “The Applied ML field Manual” get it here: https://ml1st.com

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